PM2.5 Carbon face mask filters - 5pcs
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PM2.5 Carbon face mask filters - 5pcs

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The filters
Each mask purchased comes with five PM2.5 carbon filters (which can also be purchased here separately). When worn correctly, the mask and carbon filters filter out very fine particles from the air, helping reduce exposure to bushfire smoke/poor air quality and associated health effects. They are likely to offer a higher level in filtration of fine particles than a simple handkerchief or surgical mask. Each filter lasts up to a week. While our face mask is washable, the filters are dispoable after use. Always make sure to wash hands thoroughly before inserting new filters and after removing/disposing used ones.

COVID-19 suitability
With new and often conflicting daily advice about the use of masks in relation to COVID-19, it’s no wonder so many people feel uncertain about what is the best practice. There is still such much to be learned and studied. Two very different current situations are this: 

  • The Australian Government Department of Health advice:  
    Most people will not benefit from wearing a surgical mask. Masks are of benefit to people who are sick so they don’t cough on others, and health care workers who have frequent, close contact with sick people
  • Link to full document.
  • The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advice: 
    CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (eg, grocery stores and pharmacies), especially in areas of significant community-based transmission. Link to website.

We know many people take comfort in taking every precaution they can for their health and that of their family. Therefore, what we can offer you is very detailed information on our product so you can make your own decision and choices.

Full disclosure: this product has not been tested by any government agency or healthcare official. It is a cloth face mask with a removeable filtration insert piece. If you are unable to sew a face mask yourself, this is a good alternative. 

Best-health practices
The use of a facial mask can also help change natural behaviours that can contribute to the spreading of bacteria, such as reducing the instances a wearer touches their mouth and eyes. A behavioural observation study of 23 medical students at the University of New South Wales found that they touched their faces an average of 26 times an hour, and 44 per cent of the times that they touched their faces involved contact with mucous membrane including in the eyes and nose. Eww!

Before putting on any personal protective equipment it is essential that you perform routine hand hygiene. Effective hand hygiene can be performed by either washing with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand hygiene product when hands are not visibly soiled. With clean hands, insert the filter into the pouch. Wash the fabric mask daily after use – after removing the filtration insert with cleanly washed hands. Then simply warm machine wash with detergent and line dry.  


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